The journey really is the destination.

Fine art and design are what I love. My journey as an artist has been shaped by formal training, years of practice, and studying art in museums and in books. My experience in the graphic arts industry has also helped sharpen my skills, since every fine art composition needs to be "designed" before the fun of applying paint begins.

Thankfully my success in the graphic arts field has also afforded me total freedom in my fine art. Turns out the paintings that make me happy, seem to have the same effect on others. Below are some originals that have entered private collections recently. (tap for full view):

If you are interested in a specific available piece, let me know, and I will create a secure link for you on my PURCHASE page. All of my prices include domestic shipping. If you live in my area, and purchase one of my paintings, I might even hand deliver your new painting!

For some of my other fine art, design, and photography fun, tap HERE to go to my blogger site.