Bobcat Skull, charcoal pencil

Here is a nice drawing of a bobcat skull that was really fun to render. I got this and a bunch of other animal skulls while on holiday in Sedona, Arizona. The drawing is about 16x13 inches, much larger than the actual skull itself. I like drawing and painting skulls.

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Three Swiss Guards-Aged Effect, graphite, coffee, flame on watercolor paper.

I got the idea for this aged effect technique out of one of my books. Fun to try out different art techniques. The imagery is from my large bank of shots I took while visiting the Vatican. After the initial drawing was down, I became distracted and moved on to other projects. But then, got really fired up to complete it after seeing the 500-year-old drawings in the Michelangelo: Mind of the Master exhibit at the Cleveland museum of art. Amazing time that!

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