Hello. My name is Joe…

Art is my passion.

Love to create it. Love to study it.

Shortly after graduating university however, I became addicted to a steady paycheck (which I loved as well). So I decided to keep my full-time "day" job in my field of graphic arts and design, while making time to develop my fine art skills. Since that decision I have become much more proficient at both disciplines over the years.


The journey really is the destination.

I have been creating and selling my art long enough to realize that the real joy for me is in the creation process, not the selling of my work. Each piece takes me on a fun filled visual (and visceral) journey. As a result, every time one of my paintings or drawings is sold into a private collection a small piece of me dies. Here is a small gallery of pieces that I have had to part with most recently (click for detail view):

If, after seeing my work, you just can't help your urge to purchase an original of your very own, then please contact me. If you live in the western Pennsylvania area, then I will be glad to sell my art to you in person. If you are not in my area, I will make secure payment available for you on a separate, secure page, then ship the piece out to you.

Prints of my work are selling through Fine Art America.