AS A PITTSBURGH NATIVE, NFL team logos and helmets were favorite subjects of my childhood drawings. In school, art, art history, and shop classes were what I loved most. As time went on, my creative passions matured and drove me toward earning my bachelor's degree in visual art and design (with plenty of fine art training along the way).

Since then I have worked full-time in the design and advertising industry. My continued employment has allowed me to have total freedom as a fine artist. I paint and draw whatever I choose. As a result I have sold more artwork than I ever expected. Below are pieces that are now in private collections. (click for full view):

If you live in the western Pennsylvania area and would like to buy an original, I will be glad to sell my art to you in person. If you are not in my area, contact me and I will make secure payment available for you on a separate, secure page, then ship the piece out to you. Fine art prints of my work are available at FINE ART AMERICA.

ALSO - for even more fine art, photography, and design comments and content visit me on BLOGGER.