Art is my passion.

Love to create it. Love to study it.

After graduating university as a graphic design major, I became addicted to a steady paycheck (which I loved as well). So I decided to further develop my fine art skills while working full time in the graphic design field. So far it has worked out.


The journey really is the destination.

I have been creating and selling my fine art long enough to realize that the real joy for me is in the creation process. Each piece takes me on a fun filled visual (and visceral) journey. The more fun I have creating my art, the more my art resonates with those who see it.

As a result I have sold more artwork than I ever expected when I started. Below is a small gallery of pieces that have been added to peoples private collections most recently (click for full view):

If you would like to buy an original please contact me.

If you live in the western Pennsylvania area, then I will be glad to sell my art to you in person. If you are not in my area, I will make secure payment available for you on a separate, secure page, then ship the piece out to you.

Prints of my work, along with other items are available to you through Fine Art America.