Dec 12
Two shots of a few of my paintings in the latest exhibit at a community center in Scott Township, PA:    
Nov 30
Ready for New Exhibit
Here is a shot of my latest, newly framed pieces for the second solo exhibit I am doing this year:
Jul 01
Postcards from Britain – Blenheim Palace, Part 3
Couple more of my photos of Blenheim-    
Jun 18
Postcards from Britain – Blenheim Palace, Part 2
Here are more of my photos of Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire.              
Jun 18
Pittsburgh Steelers Painting
While my original oil painting “Mini-Helmet Commemorative edition” remains in my collection, it has been selling in print format in various sizes on Fine Art America. Here is a link to the latest sale.
Jun 06
Postcards from Britain – Blenheim Palace, Part 1
There is only one thing better than spending time in an art  museum, and that is visiting a great country house in England. Blenheim is one of the greatest of the great country houses and a visit there is an extraordinary experience on many levels. Natural beauty, history, architectural delights and fine art abound! Blenheim was built in the Early 1700s as a gift from Queen Anne and a grateful nation to John Churchill, after he lead his British troops to victory against the hated French in the battle of Blenheim (on German soil). By the way, “Blenheim” – as in the battle of – is pronounced just how it looks “Blen-Hime”. While the great country house named after it “Blenheim Palace” is pronounced “Blen-NIM”. Why? I a not certain, but below are some shots, to whet your appetite for the next few posts. Cheers!    
Apr 30
Postcards from London – National Gallery Part 2
Here are some photos I shot inside the National Gallery London. Unfortunately for me the Caravaggio paintings in their collection were not on display at the time. I did however spend a lot of time looking at masterpieces by my other favorite artists such as Diego Velazquez, Rembrandt, J.M.W Turner and John Constable,                  
Apr 23
Postcards from London – National Gallery Part 1
On a recent, first time holiday to Britain I went to the National Gallery London. Twice. For multiple hours. And it was not long enough! The National Gallery sprawls across one end of Trafalgar Square. In fact the main collection is housed on one floor, so it kind of has to sprawl I suppose. Sure makes it easy to get around without climbing stairs. Below are some pictures I shot in Trafalgar Square.    
Apr 14
Another New Sale
My recent solo exhibit has resulted in another sale. This is the second most recent oil painting I have completed. Finished it last fall, and now it’s gone. I was actually hoping to enjoy hanging this original oil painting in my home for at least another holiday season – as it turns out, no. I hope the collector that bought it enjoys it for many years to come!
Apr 06
New Sale
Many times I have mixed emotions about selling one of my originals because I tend to get emotionally attached to them, and also because I am not so prolific yet that I can just belt out another piece to replace it. This latest sale made me smile though because it cracks me up no matter how obscure a subject is, and no matter how much I think “No one will want this”, sooner or later it resonates with someone out there and the piece sells. So basically to paraphrase John Lennon from the Beatles Rubber Soul album  -“This Bird Has Flown”.
Mar 29
Next Stop, Art Gallery
My month long solo exhibit is nearly at its end. Two sales are (hopefully) pending. Please check my Facebook page to see which originals will be added to some lucky private collections. Connect  with me too while your at it. Lets face it, don’t we all need more virtual friends? Meantime, “The Most Illustrious John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough” soon will be riding into a group exhibit at the Lois Guinn gallery and frame shop just a few miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa. – my fair city.
Mar 22
Last Progress and Final Piece
Here are the last two progress shots along with the finished oil painting. Step 6   Step 7 Still Life With Skull Oil Painting
Mar 05
More Progress Shots
Here are the next three progress shots of my latest still life painting. Sometimes I try to work the darks in first. Painting on a toned canvas helps to do that. I say “sometimes” because I don’t follow any hard, fast rules as I paint. Sometimes I work in the middle tones first. This is one of the reasons why I cringe when ever I am asked to teach a class I suppose. I am historically bad at taking step-by-step progress shots as I work, so that is why sometimes you see a big jump in the progress of what I share here!